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How We'll Knock Out Your Pet Odor Problems
For Good!

Pet odors caused by urine can cause irreversible damage to your floors and furniture. Having urine present in your home can also create an unhealthy living environment. If you notice a new pet stain or odor, ACT FAST!

When pet urine is fresh, it ranks at about a 5 on the pH scale (which is slightly acidic). This is when it's the easiest to remove. Once the urine dries, its pH level climbs to about an 11 (which is highly alkaline). Once the urine reaches the alkaline state, sometimes the stain that is left will become permanent. This is due to the chemical reaction that occurs between the ammonia in the urine and the synthetic carpet.

Removing the urine as soon as possible is more even important from a health standpoint. Fresh urine is an ideal breeding ground for all sorts of microorganisms including mold, mildew, other bacteria and germs, fungi, and even small insects! Plus, breathing in ammonia day after day can cause health problems.

Pet urine causes odors for two different reasons. First is the ammonia in the urine. Ammonia is one of the most awful smells. And when your carpet is saturated with this chemical, it can be nauseating and can cause headaches. Not to mention, it completely ruins the comfort of your home.

The second reason that urine causes odors is due to the bacteria growth that occurs when it's not cleaned up immediately. This bacteria can smell nearly as bad as the urine itself. Do you really want to be breathing in potentially toxic bacteria or mold spores?

Identifying the Visible and Invisible Pet Stains

Pet Urine Spreading DiagramPet Stain Inspection - U.V. LightWhen pet urine is suspected to be present, we inspect the carpet with our high-powered U.V. light. This helps us see where any problem areas are.

One thing that must be kept in mind is that a urine stain visible on the surface can be up to FIFTEEN TIMES larger underneath the carpet. The stain on the surface is frequently only as large as the diameter of the entry stream of urine. As the liquid hits the flat firm surfaces under the carpet, the urine spreads out. So, what you thought was only a penny-sized pet urine stain may actually be more like an entire square foot of urine underneath the surface.

Slight Odor Treatment

When only a small amount of urine is present, we'll use our alcohol-based deodorizer to neutralize the smell. Compared to the enzyme treatments available from other cleaners, our alcohol-based treatment is much more effective and is less sensitive to temperature fluctuations. We'll apply this deodorizer to the carpet before and/or after the cleaning process.

Medium Odor Treatment

Medium Odor Treatment System

This is our most common treatment of pet stains. Our patented Water Claw extractor lets us remove urine from deep within the carpet pad so stains and odors don't return after we leave. With this process, we saturate the area with an appropriate chemical and let the solution dwell for 20-30 minutes. Then, we use the Water Claw to extract the chemical and the urine out of the carpet and pad. The entire process is then repeated but with pure water instead of the chemical. It should be noted that this system is effective about 85% of the time. Typically odor is completely eliminated or reduced greatly. However, we cannot guarantee complete odor removal because odor can be in other places in the carpet as well as in the wooden subfloor, on curtains, walls, etc.

Areas treated with the Water Claw will take longer to dry than the rest of the carpet. As with any carpet cleaning service, we recommend cracking a few windows and turning up the heat so that the carpet dries as soon as possible.

Pricing for the Water Claw treatment depends on the size of the area to be treated.

Extreme Odor Treatment

Our extreme odor treatment is reserved for the worst of situations. This method is only used when extreme damage to the carpet and pad is present. We recommend this treatment only if the animal causing the damage is no longer living in the home.

The carpet is untacked and the padding underneath is cut out and thrown away. Then, we thoroughly clean both sides of the carpet and insert a new section padding. Before everything is tacked back down, we treat the subfloor, pad, and backing of the carpet with a odor-barrier sealant which will permanently resolve the odor problem in that area. *It should be noted that we rarely perform this procedure due to the effectiveness of our Medium Odor Treatment. If you think you may need the Extreme Odor Treatment, we may need to book your appointment at least two weeks in advance due to the amount of time the procedure takes.

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